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Pavé Set Eternity Rings

Pavé set diamond eternity rings, created in both simple and opulent micro-pavé diamond settings with precision set small melee diamonds in Platinum, Palladium and 18ct Gold. [more]

The key element and detail of a pavé set diamond eternity ring, is the presence of the very fine pavé or micro-pavé detail that defines this ring style. We have already described in essence what pavé and micro-pavé settings are all about, where small diamonds are set in close proximity as if paving the jewellery in close and regular succession. Here we see very fine detail, with very small sizes of meleé diamonds set around the ring within both half eternity and full eternity styles, which also lend themselves to the category of a diamond set wedding ring. We offer both simple, but also more elaborate styles, offering a variation of designs across a great many metal and carat weight options. Simple styles of pavé eternity ring include GFR025, fully pavé set with diamonds, and more ornate styles such as the elaborate pavé set GFR013 with a mix of small melee and feature round brilliant cut diamonds set around the band. Whether it is a celebration of an anniversary, or just a luxurious gift, we have many designs (unique and classic) to suit.