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Partial Bezel Set Engagement Rings


Partial Bezel set engagement rings are where the diamonds are quite literally held in place by the surrounding metal pushed over the edge of the diamond. This style of setting requires a sufficient thickness of metal and strength, to hold the diamond in place, keeping it secure during every day wear and tear. Many of our full bezel set engagement rings are inspired by such designs and provide a contemporary look. All diamonds are set securely, firmly held in place within the setting, providing that added level of security. The diamond is held by a combination of the strength and durability of the ring, along with the bezel into which the diamond sits. We have designs for round brilliant cut diamonds, as well as partial bezel set engagement rings with fancy shapes of diamond, such as princess cuts and oval diamonds.


Partial bezel set engagement rings - Princess cut design R1D026


The featured partial bezel set engagement ring above is our product code R1D026. It features a princess cut diamond held by a modern V shaped bezel. Very minimal, but with a tension setting style of design, it provides protection to the diamond whilst creating a contemporary look with its straight lines and precision finish. This particular ring is set with a 0.50cts diamond, measuring 4.5mm in size. It is however, available in weights from a quarter of a carat upto one and a quarter carats.


For something a little different, we have designs using both round and oval shaped diamonds. Just like the above design, they use simplicity of design, to create a minimal look that focusses attention on the diamond itself. A range of diamond sizes are available, in different colours and clarities to meet different budgets.

Oval part bezel set engagement ring and our partial bezel set round solitaire 

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